Profitable Business Foundation

4 month Golden Package to get your business off the ground and start booking clients!

You have a business idea but have no idea where to start?
of trying everything to book clients?
to look again at your business sales figures?
about going visible online?


My “Profitable Business Foundation” Programme is for you if:

  • You are an ambitious coach or female entrepreneur 1 year or less in business, facing some further development obstacles or you are maybe just planning to start your own business
  • You are passionate, purpose driven and courageous to grow your business on your own terms & according to your unique strengths, values and desires
  • You are a go-getter committed to work hard, do what it takes to achieve what you are up to
  • You search to express yourself fully through your own business, contribute at your best and make a real impact as that is what your clients deserve
  • You are longing for generating a consistent monthly income
  • You believe that ALL is possible for you

You want more. Clients. Profit. Visibility.  I get it.
Let’s master the inner & outer game of sales with integrity.



  • Mastering your mindset so that you get rid of your wrong subconscious beliefs sabotaging the results you get
  • Increasing business confidence exponentially so there is no room for doubt and hesitation
  • Gaining clarity on your ideal target audience & defining a clear vision of where you are heading
  • Creating suitable marketing strategies to your business needs so that you get your ideal clients
  • Pricing and packaging your services smart so that your audience pays your worth
  • Taking a ‘No Excuses Approach’ to your business
  • Creating a brand that speaks to your ideal clients
  • Being visible online in a consistent way so that you attract your raving fans
  • Developing realistic sales goals for your business
  • Managing clients’ objections so you don’t feel pushy and icky
  • And last but not least having the time and money to do things you love because you can have it all!

This Package Includes:

  • AN IN-DEPTH Welcome Packet for you to complete where we explore your goals for the process so that you can receive a BESPOKE PLAN for your sessions adapted to your business needs as every business is at a different point in its development - similarly, owners have their unique needs and aspirations.
  • DURATION: 15 weekly 90-minutes Coaching Sessions so that you are supported every step of the process to get your business to the next level
  • SUPPORT which will help you to pull things out, keep you on track and focused if you have tendency to go off in all directions with no tangible results
  • PERSONALISED PROGRAM designed especially for you so that any relevant aspects of your business challenges are addressed
  • Customized RESOURCES + RECOMMENDATIONS to help you achieve and maintain your business goals
  • ACTION PLAN to be implemented immediately so that you can clearly move forward in direction of business that suits YOU
  • AVAILABILITY via email or Skype so that you receive support during most challenging moments

Why Work with Me

  • I have 15+ years of experience in business, including several years in leadership, sales, coaching and training
  • Expert integrity: I walk my talk and live by my own teachings
  • My clients rave about my ability to pull things out of them, keep them on track and focused as they mostly have tendency to go off in all directions with their new ideas.
  • Professional responsibility: over the last years of my professional growth I have invested over €50K myself in high-end mentoring, coaching and education taking full responsibility for my own level of expertise my clients in creating extraordinary results in life & business.
  • I personally work with my own business coaches and know the incredible value of someone holding you accountable and sharing the proven system that works. In fact,
    I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn't have the help I really needed. 

Your  Investment
€3500 Paid in Full   
Payment Plan available