Business Clarity Intensive

Tired of making efforts without visible results?
Disappointed at slow pace of your progress?
Willing to finally align your mindset with success?

Ready for some profound personal and business shifts? 
I'm here for you!


Business Clarity Intensive is 120min private transformational coaching session and it is for you if:

  • you are an ambitious coach or female entrepreneur 1 year or less in business, facing some further development obstacles

  • you are a woman who is just planning to start her own business

  • you are ready to get clear on your business vision

  • you want to design a solid action plan for one specific area of your amazing business which needs clarity so that you know what exact steps to take immediately

  • you want to to shift your mindset to success


  • Finally getting “IT” done so that you feel accomplished and satisfied
  • Having clear focus in your business direction that makes you feel comfortable
  • Staying ahead of your game without falling behind
  • Having an expert guiding you through your bold business goal


This Package Includes

  • An in-depth Welcome Packet for you to complete so that you can receive a bespoke plan for your unique VIP experience adapted to your business needs
  • Duration: 120min Coaching Session dedicated ONLY to you so that you are supported during dynamic implementation of your N#1 business goal
  • Action plan to be implemented immediately so that you can clearly move forward towards your business goal
  • Customized resources + recommendations to help you achieve and maintain business clarity
  • 30min follow up session via Skype and 2 weeks email access so that you receive support during implementation of your bespoke action plan

Why Work With Me

  • More than 15 years of experience in business, including areas such as leadership, coaching, recruitment and trainings
  • Expert integrity: I walk my talk and live by my own teachings
  • Proactive attitude: I’m a volcano of positive energy and I’ll help you staying inspired and motivated
  • Professional responsibility: Over the last years of my professional growth I have invested around €50K myself in high-end mentoring, coaching and education taking full responsibility for my own level of expertise

The below are examples of the topics that can be covered during our laser-focused coaching session:

  • Success Mindset
  • Confidence to Act
  • Wealth Consciousness
  • Clear Vision
  • Defining Your Business Model
  • Your Offers + Pricing
  • Targeting Your Ideal Client
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Plan
  • Your Unique Brand
  • Your Signature Success Element
  • Confident in Sales
  • Growing your Raving Fans
  • .... or any other defined in your Welcome Packet

Your Investment